Embossed Switches

Switches & labels with embossed membrane, in a variety of designs & colors.

At SKOUPAS we provide professional services for businesses in Attica, nationwide and abroad, seeking for solutions and graphic elements with guaranteed quality and functionality, such as membrane switches, embossed device keys, etc.

We specialize in the design of embossed switches. Embossed membrane switches are a type of user interface technology commonly used in various electronic devices and control panels. They consist of a thin, flexible membrane made of polyester or polycarbonate material, which acts as the switch interface.

The membrane switch typically consists of several layers. The top layer is a graphic overlay with embossed or raised areas corresponding to the switch positions or buttons.

This overlay is typically made of a durable material like polyester, polycarbonate, or polyurethane, which can withstand repeated use and resist wear and tear.

Beneath the graphic overlay is a spacer layer, which provides separation between the top layer and the bottom circuit layer.

The spacer layer is usually made of materials such as polyester or adhesive-backed acrylic foam.

The bottom layer is the circuit layer, which contains conductive traces or circuits that form the electrical pathways of the switch. These circuits are typically screen-printed with conductive inks or made with copper or silver flex circuits. The circuit layer also includes contact points or pads corresponding to the embossed areas on the graphic overlay.

When a user applies pressure to the embossed areas on the graphic overlay, or otherwise to the embossed switches, the overlay deforms and makes contact with the underlying circuit layer, completing the electrical circuit and registering the input. The embossed areas act as tactile feedback, providing a physical sensation to the user when pressing the switch.

Embossed membrane switches offer several advantages, including:

Embossed membrane switches find applications in industries such as:

  • medical devices
  • automotive controls
  • industrial equipment
  • consumer electronics, and more

They provide a reliable and user-friendly interface for controlling and operating various electronic devices.

Embossed Switches

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