Embedded LEDs

Save time & money with LED lights

If you are looking for embedded LEDs solutions for your office or your home, at SKOUPAS, in Ag. Dimitrios, Attica,we design products tailored to your needs, serving all over Greece and abroad.

From membranes or hidden keyboard lighting, to illuminating surfaces in your space, our company can create anything you have in mind.

Embedded LEDs, also known as backlighting, can be integrated into membrane switches to provide visual indicators and enhance user experience.

Here’s how LEDs are typically embedded in membrane switches:


Visual Indication
LEDs provide clear visual feedback, indicating the status or activation of specific buttons or functions on the membrane switch. This includes determining the locations of LEDs and the corresponding electrical connections on the circuit layer of the membrane switch.


Enhanced User Experience
Backlighting improves usability in low-light environments and enables users to easily locate and operate the switch buttons.


Aesthetics and Branding
LEDs can be used to create visually appealing designs and enhance the overall appearance of the membrane switch.

Different colors can be chosen to match branding or specific application requirements.


Energy Efficiency
LEDs are energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to other lighting technologies.

This makes them suitable for battery-powered devices and reduces overall power consumption.