Touch Membrane Switches

Ideal for electronic devices under regular use.

At SKOUPAS, with 35 years of experience in the graphic printing industry, you can find systems and components that will elevate your products!

We design panel systems with touch switches made of membrane, for business premises, such as industries, medical laboratories, etc., located in Attica, in Greece and/or abroad.

Touch membrane switches are a type of user interface technology that consists of a thin, flexible membrane typically made of polyester or polycarbonate.

These switches are used in various electronic devices, such as keyboards, remote controls, and industrial control panels. When you press a specific area on the membrane, it makes contact with a conductive layer beneath, completing an electrical circuit and registering a keypress or command.

They are known for their durability, resistance to environmental factors like dust and moisture, and are often used in applications where traditional mechanical switches may not be suitable.

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At SKOUPAS we design innovative, user-friendly and durable products graphics,
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with no concern about the technical details.