Labels & Decals

Whether it is a product label or a slogan, we will design it precisely to your vision!

At SKOUPAS, in Attica, we provide design and printing solutions for keyboards, as well as labels and decals, for all kinds of use, supplying businesses all over Greece and abroad.

In electronic devices especially, labels and decals serve various purposes, providing important information such as mechanical data, branding, functionality as well as warning notices.

Here are some common uses and types of labels and decals on electronic devices:


Product Identification
Labels and decals often display essential information about the electronic device, such as its model number, serial number, manufacturing date, and compliance with industry standards or regulations. This information can be useful for warranty purposes and servicing.


Branding and Logos
Many electronic devices feature labels or decals with the manufacturer's logo, brand name, or product name. These elements help establish brand recognition and promote the manufacturer's identity.


User Instructions
Labels may include user instructions or warnings. For example, a label might indicate where to find the power button, how to charge the device, or warn against exposing it to water or extreme temperatures.


Regulatory Compliance
Electronic devices often require labels indicating their compliance with safety and regulatory standards, such as CE (Conformité Européene) for Europe or FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for the United States. These labels demonstrate that the device meets specific requirements.


Energy Efficiency
Some electronic devices may have labels that display energy efficiency ratings or certifications, such as Energy Star, to inform consumers about the product's energy-saving capabilities.


Component Identification
Inside electronic devices, labels or decals may help identify individual components, connectors, or ports, making it easier for technicians or users to perform maintenance or connect peripherals.


Warranty Void Labels
Manufacturers sometimes use labels or decals with tamper-evident features to indicate that opening the device's casing will void the warranty. This discourages unauthorized repairs or modifications.


In some cases, labels and decals are used for customization, allowing users to personalize their devices with unique designs, patterns, or graphics.


Functional Labels
Certain electronic devices may have labels with functional purposes, such as touch-sensitive buttons integrated into the label, or labels that contain NFC (Near Field Communication) chips for easy pairing or configuration.


Security Labels
Security labels with holographic or tamper-evident features can be used to deter counterfeiting or unauthorized access to the device.